Meridian Made

The Prio Navy Vintage by Creative Recreation, in action.
From the streets of Toronto. #MeridianMade
The bench. #MeridianMade
Chill Vibe. #MeridianMade
Ice blue Rosche w/ @nike
On the look out. #MerdianMade
Lace changeup #vans
Filling the negative space with positive air. #MeridianAve w/ meridianmade
Patterns. #MeridianMade
Framing and timing are key aspects of the craft.  #MeridianVibe
PUMA Suede.
Street scene on Queen st.
In search of timeless w/ meridianmade
Alley vibes Pt. II w/ meridianmade
On that Charlie Chaplin w/ meridianmade